Juniper Networks 2019 Security Predictions – By Sriram T. V, Director of Consulting & Business Development, Juniper Networks, India and SAARC

Out of the top 10 most targeted countries by cyber attackers, India ranks fourth and cybersecurity defenders are facing a lot of threats from these cyber criminals. Cyberattacks are continuously increasing in India with one in every five attacks targeting financial networks this year; and almost the same proportion was aimed at a government department or unit; around 15% of the attacks targeted power plants, oil refineries, and oil and gas companies.

Exponential Growth in Cloud Adoption

India is seeing a massive growth in the adoption of the public cloud, which has resulted in AWS, Azure, Alibaba and Digital Ocean opening up facilities in India. This rapid movement of workload to the cloud brings with it the need to replicate the security infrastructure that enterprises deploy in their private datacenters to the public cloud.

IoT Security

With the rise in digitization, IoT is expected to become a principal technology that will fulfil the Indian government’s on-going vision of smart cities and connected devices. We can also expect to see a paradigm shift where players within the IoT ecosystem will increasingly place higher priority on security in order to minimize attacks and protect their infrastructure from any potential vulnerabilities. This is a crucial step in ensuring that businesses will continue to succeed and remain profitable.

Predictive Cyber Security

In 2019, we will continue to see emerging AI algorithms and the use of machine learning to analyze and detect malware and prevent cyberattacks. AI and ML based systems will evolve and adapt to speeds faster than attackers can evolve their own techniques – classic machine vs man fights, with machines fighting for us! News Service

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