“In recent times, Wi-Fi data networks have been growing rapidly over the last few years to provide increased mobility” – By, Mr. Zakir Hussain – Director, BD soft, Country Partner of Bitdefender

Bitdefender Zakir HussainHow do you look at the evolving threat perception being faced by enterprises and organizations including critical infrastructure entities in India?

The fantastic thing about technology in general – and the Internet in particular – is that it offers power at scale. Over the past decade it’s become possible for anyone to access almost the sum total of human knowledge in an instant from their phone/any gadget – but unfortunately the technology genie doesn’t grant this power only to the good guys.

India undoubtedly is experiencing new Challenges with sophisticated attacks that is being faced across the globe. With the rise in connected consumer devices which lack safety safeguards this problem has further worsened. When it comes to enterprises and organizations it has been seen 60% of them secure their hardware. However, they do not pay attention to the software used, which could be unregulated. With the growing cyber-attacks, sseveral large corporations and multinational companies have started setting up software asset management. However, middle market companies are more concerned about running the business and may ignore peripheral matters including cyber security.

The safety is not just about Offices, Homes etc but its Digital safety. The government by its intervention can make the things a lot more safer and get the security concerns maintained. For Bitdefender, we have always tried coming up with most ensured and effective ways to protect the PC’s and Laptops from harmful viruses trying to

Yes, we do believe that Nation States have also collaborated and actively connived with professional cyber-crime syndicates for achieving their strategic objectives and this has increased in numbers over past few years.

How serious are the wireless security threats including ‘rouge Wi-Fi’, which got highlighted in recent times? Do you think the security industry has been caught somewhat by surprise given the kind of widespread security breaches taking at the Wi-Fi level? 

In recent times, Wi-Fi data networks have been growing rapidly over the last few years to provide increased mobility. This technology offers many benefits like any-where computing, portability, flexibility, and increased productivity in this world of Gadgets Laptops, IoTs& Mobile devices.However, there are a number of main threats that exist to wireless LANS, these include: Rogue Access Points/Ad-Hoc Networks.

However, wireless networking is prone security issues. Hackers have found wireless networks relatively easy to break into, and even use wireless technology to hack into wired networks. As a result, it is very important that enterprises define effective wireless security policies that guard against unauthorized access to important resources.

Yes, Security Industry has been caught somewhat by surprise because of basic Security adoption for Wi-fi Facility and it has used to break in to wired Network. As the technological reasons for security challenges come from the fact that wireless signals propagate without physical areas and often beyond the physical boundaries of the organizations. Since the data travels freely over the radio waves, it can be intercepted and misused by unauthorized personals by using various freely available tools and techniques.

Do you think the roles being played by specialized bodies ICERT (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team)  and NCIIPC (National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre) towards helping enterprises and organization in combating cyber threats are making a significant difference?

Yes, we do agree that roles being played by specialized bodies ICERT (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) and NCIIPC (National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre) towards helping enterprises and organization in combating cyber threats are making a significant difference. ICERT (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) has Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in May, 2016 between Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) and Ministry of Cabinet Office, UK. Earlier CERT-In signed MoUs with counterpart/similar organizations in about seven countries – Korea, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Uzbekistan. Ministry of External Affairs has also signed MoU with Cyber Security as one of the areas of cooperation with Shanghai Cooperation Organization. With the MoUs, participating countries can exchange technical information on Cyber-attacks, response to cybersecurity incidents and find solutions to counter the cyber-attacks. They can also exchange information on prevalent cyber security policies and best practices. The MoUs helps to strengthen cyberspace of signing countries, capacity building and improving relationship between them.

NCIIPC’s (National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre) Mission is to take all necessary measures to facilitate protection of Critical Information Infrastructure, from unauthorized access, modification, use, disclosure, disruption, incapacitation or distraction through coherent coordination, synergy and raising information security awareness among all stakeholders.

ICERT & NCIIPC is doing their best, if all Government bodies, Enterprises & Security Bodies can work together to deliver the best to achieve this goal we can achieve the goal.In addition, we need to start Security from very basic level i.e. everyone should be trained for Cyber Security from Schools. Many Institutes have already started the initiative adopting and practicing Cyber Security in the curriculum to build awareness on Cyber Threats.

How challenging is it to secure enterprises having huge deployments of laptops, desktops, workstations and mobile devices including tablets and smart-phones? What are the security software products your company offers for securing these end-points with large enterprises? What are the salient features of these products?

Deploying Security solutions for of laptops, desktops, workstations and mobile devices including tablets, smart-phonesand email Solution becomes very complex as everyfacility&requires different Security Requirement. For which we have customized multiple solutions. Some key being Bitdefender GravityZone Solutions addresses and deliver the complex requirement of Enterprises for laptops, desktops, workstations and mobile devices including tablets, smart-phonesand email Solutionthis Includes Virtualize Infrastructure,Security-as-a-Service (SaaS), Software Defined datacenter (SDDC). Designed to Stop the Most Sophisticated Cyber Attackswith Layered Next-Gen Endpoint Protection. To effectively protect you against highly sophisticated cyber-attacks that evade conventional endpoint security tools, you need a layered defense approach with multi-stagesignature-less technologies including advanced machine learning, behavioral analysis, anti-exploit and integrated sandbox. We have focused on making this software at a level of excellence.

Bitdefender Key features for the Enterprises.

Uses adaptive-layered architecture that includes endpoint controls, prevention, detection, remediation and visibility.

  1. Hardening & control
  • Application Control
  • Content Control
  • URL filtering -Web Security – Blocks access to malicious and exploit hosting sites
  • Anti-phishing -Blocks phishing or fraudulent sites
  • Firewall
  • Device Control
  • Full Disk Encryption
  1. Multi-stage detection
  • Pre-execution
  • Signature & Cloud look-up -Local and Cloud Machine Learning
  • Threat intelligence from over 500 million endpoints globally
  • on-execution
  • Sandbox Analyzer
  • Anti-Exploit -Protects zero day and unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Process Inspector -Behavior-based real-time detection Operates on zero trust
  1. Visibility & management
  • Customizable Dashboards & Reports
  • Indicator of Compromise
  • Suspicious Activities -Early visibility into suspicious activities
  • Threat Context -Connects threats with actions
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Scalable to Millions of Endpoints
  • Flexible Deployment

Do you think the maturing cloud technology allows vendors to like you serving enterprises with cost-effectively and efficiently? What are the key features of these cloud security offerings to them?

In Current Scenario our IT infrastructure Team is Looking for Robust and mature Security solution to address ComplexIT infrastructure with advance level Security for Protection Against Exploits , Zero-Day Treats , File Less attacks , Ransomwares & APT Also Different Operating Systems, Physical, virtual, cloud & Form Factors: – Workstation, Server, Embedded,  . Bitdefender GravityZone Solution can address therequirement cost-effectively and efficiently.

Bitdefender Solution offers easy centralized management, deployment and enforcement of security policies to any number of endpoints, on any hypervisor, in any cloud; One architecture enabling full visibility and control in datacenter and cloud through integration with Active Directory, VMware and Citrix hypervisors; One agent covering any combination of virtualization platforms, private and public cloud providers

What are the distribution and channel strategies of your company around your end-point security software products & solutions in India? How important is the area of channel training program for your company? What are the channel training programs you run in the country?

We have a very flexible channel structure program and we make it as per the regions and needs of the channel and the market over there. The reason for the same is that everyone involves from the company, to the partner and the end user should benefit from the program.

It is exactly important to train the channel distributors because they are the only medium through which we can reach out to our end results which is our ultimate goal. We have certified training programs for sales and engineers of the partners and we reward them on completion of such programs. We recommend all our partners to at least train 1 sales and support personal in this certification program.

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