How social media marketing will become technically advanced in future?

WittyFeedYour social security number or Aadhar card number might be compromised, but the world is moving in a direction where it is the last thing you might want to worry about. Today, your digital footprint is bigger and broader than that of your physical presence. Technology has evolved to an extent where the so-called machines called smartphones have a capability of carrying your genetic codes and biometrics to your voice bandwidth. When you unlock your phone by looking into the front camera and order for a cab ride by talking to your phone as if that was a person, imagine if every video call you make is public to the outside world (to be precise). When you take the same example and look it under the purview of technology as a whole, you’re breathing more bytes than atoms of oxygen.

Whether it is a snap shared or text received, a video watched or an article read, a game played or a product bought – everything tells something about you, which means the word private would mean nothing if someone or the other gets access to your life. And, it is often said, to decrypt a bank’s password you only need to decrypt the right code. What’s better than knowing the person entirely, inside-out? And, then we would live in a state of havoc. Internet users generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day and bigger the number, bigger will be the threat and the breach which can occur in your lives. Technology – as much as it is a boon, it’s the calling for the doomsday, because of:

Machine learning and behavioural analysis

Your feed is filled with content you love to consume, you want to share, and something you can relate to. With machine learning, your gadgets have become smarter than you could ever think of and give the wrong person insights about you even you were unaware of. Sensitive information like sexual preferences, habits, political activities, religious practices, et al. can be compromised at one click done by a person carrying evil intentions to cause harm.

Bots came into existence because we craved human touch, we lacked human resources, and businesses are built on relationships. Content related businesses are more affected because around 75% of people claim that UGC makes the content more authentic and one glitch makes it all the way more vulnerable – compromised privacy. All the material gathered by content websites would be lying out there, publicly, for people to access and misuse it for their selfish purposes.


In 1950, Alan Turing questioned – “Can machines think?” and today, a machine is capable of driving a car without human assistance. The bottom line is, we interact through URLs in the digital era, and once a person can break into the secure vaults of content-oriented websites, it poses a significant threat to every Internet user regarding her/his privacy and their belief of a safe, sound, and secure virtual world.

Authored by:- Mr. Shashank Vaishnav, CTO & Co-founder at WittyFeed

(The views expressed in this article are by Mr. Shashank Vaishnav, CTO & Co-founder at WittyFeed. doesn’t own any responsibility for it.) News Service

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