How after sales service is more important than your ‘SALES’?

Ziox-Mobiles-CEO-Deepak-KabuJim Rohn a famous author once rightly said that, “A good service leads to multiple sales. If you take good care of your customers, they will open doors you could never open by yourself” This is exactly what a brand should imbibe and religiously follow. It plays a crucial part not only for our industry but every industry pertaining to offer any kind of services and dealing with customers.Universally, it’s the after sales service that plays the key role than just an ordinary sale, to make the buyer your customer.

After sales serviceis the key to build consumer loyalty and consumer retention. You would not only develop loyal customers but build a very strong brand connect with your audience. An impressive After Sales makes you win the customer and his trust for the lifetime. The underlined fact being that they would not only prefer the brand but also promote it further. There are many brands that put in a ton of efforts to offer the best to their customers in the form of value added features, freebies etc. But the real ones are those to stick to their consumer even after the sale and provide them with regular service which is the only expectation.

Providing outstanding customer service after the sale may not only help you gain a customer for life, but you’ll be more likely to receive customer referrals that can lead to more business. I’m always baffled at why so many salesmen fail to realize this as it’s one of the easiest ways to generate more sales and earn profit. If you fail to buildthe personalized approach, the next time he/she needs a product or service, he would be more inclined to other brands in the market and may not consider yours, for the reasons we know. It may be sound cliché, but it’s true that “it’s easier to keep a customer you already have than to find a new one”

Once a customer is satisfied with the service offered, they urge to be associated with the brand and also create a positive image of it in their mind. It may sound fictitious but more than 70% of people in India are brand loyal and don’t prefer to switch very soon. The industry has become extremely competitive it terms of new launches and innovations. Every brand has become aggressive and wants to be in the top of the charts. In such circumstances, what makes a brand unique and in demand is not only the technology usedor the new features, the looks orthe quality but what matters the most is the service provided after the sale to the user.

Coming to the growing brands & competition, brands have become extremely aggressive and every brand wants to be the No.1 in the market. The demand of the customers is rapidly growing, so it becomes all the more important for the brands to provide them with new innovations at the best prices.

Giving the user the best products is definitely not enough. The brand has to provide them with equally great after sales services to maintain the consumer satisfaction as a lot of customers, would only stick to the brand if their last purchase experience is being great, satisfactory and up to the mark. Even brand follows a systematic sales strategy to execute the services to its customers. Its strongly believed that a constant trial of the service is the key to gain maximum market share by any brand. The most important benefit of these strategies is user retention. A lot of customers would only stick to the brand if their last purchase experience is being great, satisfactory and up to the mark.

Many brands in the market including Ziox are also coming up with various service packages giving their customers a great user experience. They are providing the buyers with email & call support which is like a 24/7 hotline service. Any complaints, queries or help needed to the customers is solved immediately by this service. It acts like an instant help and is extremely useful in case of emergencies. Many companies including Ziox Mobiles makes sure that any problem bothering the customer is solved via emails or calls at that very moment avoiding any sort of delays and giving the best customer service.

The brand recently has also launched its 111 days replacement policy which is another way to provide service to the end users which guarantees a replacement to your phone if not repaired/serviced in the said time.

After sales service policies is definitely a very important factor to maintain or increase the sales of the company. Like us, every brand should prioritize it to continue consumer interests for the products. Likewise, the companies will have to keep adapting new services for their customers as and when there will be new technological developments or new requirements from the users as constant innovation in the after sales services is an integral part to maintain relations with loyal customers and to acquire more customers.We have to make sure that we keep on upgrading our after sales service policies as per the need of the hour and keep up with the consumer expectations.

The sales of the products and the brand development go hand in hand. Once a brand looses the trust of the consumer, it is extremely difficult to build it back. As it is rightly said that “Trust is a like paper, once crumbled cannot be used again”. The trust and quality of our products is what has made us what we are today and it should definitely not be taken for granted.

Authored by:-  Mr. Deepak Kabu, CEO, Ziox Mobiles

(The views expressed in this article are by  Mr. Deepak Kabu, CEO, Ziox Mobiles. doesn’t own any responsibility for it.) News Service

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