Honor 10 will come with AI and CMF design technology

The launch of Honor 10 brings two major ground-breaking and industry-leading smartphone technologies to consumers. One is advanced AI technology, and this is applied primarily to the phone’s smartphone photography and endorsed by Speos, the leader of higher education in professional photography in France. The other is the new CMF design technology which shapes the phone into a real beauty. The Honor 10’s AI capability is pioneering and is a landmark moment in smartphone photography. This is thanks to the major breakthrough of the AI Chipset with built-in NPU, plus the Semantic Image Segmentation technology. The Honor 10’s AI camera was developed and supported by the AI Chipset with built-in NPU, which means it recognizes 500+ scenarios in 22 categories real-time. It can pinpoint the outlines of various surrounding objects, like the sky, plants, people and waterfall, and identify their locations.


This feature is supported by the industry-first Semantic Image Segmentation technology, which allows the Honor 10 to identify multiple objects in one single image. It is here where the Honor 10 stands out from the crowd at the first place. Furthermore, the industry-first Honor 10 features apply scene-specific parameters to each photo real-time when taking a picture, making every photo you take professional at just one click. Such cutting-edge technology often affects the phone’s efficiency or drain its battery. However, the Honor 10 is an exception to the rule. There is no potential lag or slow-down because the NPU processor is independently built-in for the latest generation of AI chipset that is separate from the CPU, GPU and DSP.

Honor 10 was recently unveiled in China and will be launched globally on May 15 in London. It will be available exclusively on Flipkart starting midnight on May 16 2018.

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