Greyhound Research Perspective on Infosys Quarterly Results

Article By: Mr.Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO of Greyhound Research

Chief-Analyst-&-CEO-at-Greyhound-Research-Sanchit-GogiaAs compared to the industry standards Greyhound Research believes that Infosys is going through a sluggish growth with reported YOY gain of 2.9%. Greyhound Research had earlier quoted that Vishal will need to build internal confidence. Getting a buy in from senior management, addressing investors, areas of improvement, becoming more hands-on to the business are the key things that Vishal would have to address for the first 12 months or a short term goal. 

Since the time, Vishal has stepped in; Greyhound Research had cautioned the market about changing DNA of Infosys and its way forward. Read more here:

Greyhound Research had strongly stated that no major changes are expected in next 2-3 quarters. The first 90 days are more internal facing. It’s important for Vishal to understand the business, its people and issues revolving around the company. He should essentially better acquaint himself with the business and develop relationships and earn trust before making defining changes. 

Greyhound Research believes that Infosys has taken the right step in expanding their portfolio through strategic partnerships with Oracle, Hitachi, Microsoft to add value to their businesses across analytics, big data and cloud based infrastructures. However, as stated earlier while these IP Assets and software are critical for non-linear growth, focus should be first on better understanding customer expectations around immediate software needs – low-hanging fruits are important to ensure QoQ growth can be managed well. It’s also important to make changes that can be brought in with reasonable effort without disrupting the current base of employees.

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