Facial and Emotion Recognition Solution offers Superior Customer Experience for your B2C Business & up to 60% RoI in the first 2 years

One of the key questions which businesses are trying to answer each day is how to figure out ways to improve the Customer Experience, which in turn leads to improved business performance. Rapid advances in AI and BI technologies have enabled businesses to understand their customers in a highly focused way. One such digital enabler for CIOs/CTOs to consider is Facial and Emotion Recognition, which can provide some unique improvement avenues to achieve Customer Service Excellence

In today’s world, customers are spoilt for choices and are always exploring different brands, stores and products. With limited time on hand and a multitude of options to choose from, the customer often wants help to select what is best for them. Technologies like Facial and Emotion recognition equips businesses with better customer-related information which in turn helps in improving customer service and customer loyalty. Facial recognition typically uses algorithms capable of identifying facial landmarks of a person and then recognizing or verifying him/her from a digital image or a video frame.

Our team of technical analysts is working extensively on developing AI / Deep Learning models (DNNs) (with Open Source technologies like Python, OpenCV) and use machine learning (ML) frameworks to define, train and deploy these models supported with significant parallel processing. This can provide your retail business with real-time insights of a customer like age, emotions, gender and identification (if he/she has visited earlier).

Facial and Emotion Recognition Solution

These key information points combined with advanced analytics will help your businesses with intelligent insights (customer preferences, history, emotions, navigation path inside the store, and interactions with sales team) and keep the customer highly engaged by taking appropriate decisions. The Point of Sale (PoS) systems can retain the facial signatures, identifying the customers and serving them better. Identifying these emotions (i.e. happy/sad/neutral etc.) during the visit can enable the businesses to attend to each customers’ requirement uniquely and enhance the customer satisfaction multifold.

The power of enabling the sales-executives with real-time insights on the customer gives them an edge to attend them with a customized greeting like:

“Hi Jane and John, How are you?”, “Welcome back”, “You look happy today”, “Sorry to keep you waiting”, “How can I put a smile on your face today”.

Facial and Emotion Recognition Solution

We estimate that your business can get up to 60% RoI within first 2 years of deployment of this solution with an increase in in-store engagement, repeat footfall and customer loyalty.

Another aspect of this technology is the growing privacy-related concerns. We have worked with IT and business teams of various clients to identify key privacy-related concerns (including GDPR regulations) which can be examined further by the organization’s legal teams.

Authored by:-  Nandita Mathur – Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Engineering, Q3 Technologies

(The views expressed in this article are by Nandita Mathur – Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Engineering, Q3 Technologies. Technuter.com doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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