Expectations from Union Budget 2015-16 for IT & Telecom sector by Mr. Tito Vatapilly – CEO & Co–Founder, Node Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Node-Technologies-Tito-VatapillyAs an entrepreneur I’m very optimistic about this government and my expectation from the budget is to continue the existing positive mood in the economy and the business community. The reform agenda must continue towards the reality of ‘achhe din’ and this budget is an important one for the current government in making that point. 

Thankfully some factors like bank rates, oil prices and low inflation have created a feel good factor in the economy as a whole. 

I would expect tax rates to be reduced or left untouched and more positive measures in key sectors like infrastructure, manufacturing, automobiles, telecom to indirectly effect most other sectors.

Apart from Make In India, I would really expect more incentives in the Make forIndia companies. While the Govt has been focussing on Make In India, there must be incentives for such companies who see the big opportunity and potential in the India market alone. 

The IT success story in India has mostly been a services one and export driven. The government could do more towards encouraging IT companies to take the product journey. It can take steps towards helping achieve the dream of having world class product companies like Facebook and Google to come out of India soon.

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