eScan Mobile Security for Android Review and Verdict

eScan-Mobile-Security-for-AndroideScan Mobile Security is designed for Android devices. It helps secure and  protect smartphones against viruses, malware’s, trojans, and secures confidential data.  It enables us to white list/black list contacts and messages, backup/restore contacts and messages,  block applications and websites, which ensures security to our device.  eScan Mobile Security can work on Smartphone as well as on Tablet.

System Requirements:

Prior to installation device must meet the following criteria: 

Operating System: Android 2.2 and above

Minimum Disk Space : 2.4 MB

Others: Internet connection

Graphical User Interface:

The eScan Mobile Security has easy to use user interface, which gives us a quick access to all the features.


Anti-Virus Scan and Protection:

eScan Anti-Virus scans our device on real-time basis and provides security against malware’s, trojans, and other viruses for our smartphones and tablet computers. eScan real-time protection by default, scans our device, whenever we start, reboot, install, or download applications, thus keeping our device safe from unwanted infections. Anti-Virus allows automatic and scheduled scanning, it helps us to scan the complete device, which includes saved files and folders from internal and external storage.


Managing Call and SMS Filter:

The Call and SMS filtering enables us to filter incoming calls and messages. Here we can specify numbers, phrases, words, and keywords that we want to white list and black list.


Backing up/Restoring Contacts and SMS:

eScan Mobile Security enables us to backup all contacts and SMS on to the memory card and secures them in case of virus infections and mobile crashes. The backed up data can also be easily restored back to the device, whenever required. The contacts are saved in .vcf and SMS in .db extension format.

escan-Backing up-Restoring-Contacts-and-SMS

Managing Parental Control:

The parental control is one of the most important feature used by parents to prevent their children from visiting inappropriate content on websites and unwanted applications. Parent can customize the filters as per your requirement.


Blocking Applications:

This feature helps us to safeguard all applications from unauthorized access. It blocks all newly installed applications and currently available applications. Whenever we try to access any application, eScan displays a message asking for our permission to access the application, it allows access only by providing the valid password.


Pricing and Availability:

eScan Mobile Security is available on the eScan website at Rs. 900 for 1 year. It is also listed on Google play. Users can also install it by Google Play.


The performance of eScan Mobile Security is smooth and it doesn’t keep smartphone slow.


eScan Mobile Security is too good for those users, who are not good in technology. Its simple user interface is also nice for these kind of users. These users can easily do their required settings and keep their smartphone safe.

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