Edimax introduces AC1200 3-in-1 Dual-Band Wireless solution in India

In the digital era, super-efficient wireless networks are an essential part of every business establishment. A good quality wireless network helps in speeding up processes and improves employee productivity. It gives easy access to important digital documents and other network resources that are required by employees to do their daily jobs.

A powerful wireless solution like Edimax AC1200 3-in-1 Dual-Band In-Wall PoE Access Point allows you to roam without losing connectivity, thereby increasing the ease of doing business. This award-winning product has the latest IEEE 802.11ac technology for wireless speed up to 1200mbps

Edimax AC 1200 3-in-1 wireless solution is a stylish in-wall design. It is specifically made for existing building structures so that you can easily change in-wall wired Ethernet Jack to a wireless access point. The gadget is equipped for high-density BYOE usage, provided wide coverage and seamless mobility and multiple SSIDs, up to 32 for security management and it is priced at Rs.12,365/-

One more important feature is the in-built RADIUS server: that can manage up to 256 user accounts. Edimax wireless solutions can easily be deployed in offices, hotels, schools, hostels, campuses, meeting rooms, airports etc.

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