“E –merchants have multi-location vendors who supply their products” – Mr. Lipjo Joseph, Co-Founder Shipdesk

Mr. Lipjo Joseph, Co-Founder Shipdesk shares his views with Technuter.com:

Co-Founder-Shipdesk-Lipjo-JosephCould you please tell us about Shipdesk?

With the buzz in e- commerce, many small and medium e-commerce merchants are having hard time in managing an effective logistics. Shipdesk is an innovative cloud based solution formed with an aim of simplifying the multiple logistics woes of online retailers as well as merchants.

Through Shipdesk, they can control their business through automated real time tracking of pending customer orders, choosing preferred logistics vendors at cost effective rates, getting doorstep pickup services, real time tracking of shipments, insuring the products that are transported, automated e mail/SMS communication to buyers, excellent support mechanism and stay updated about the shipment progress at each step. These can keep the e-merchants save both time and money. 

What are latest industry trends in Shipping and courier tracking services for E -merchants?

E –merchants have multi-location vendors who supply their products. They get orders from various market places and other social media tools like Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin etc. Connecting these multi channel orders to products supplied by multiple vendors who are geographically away poses the biggest challenge for any e-merchant. They would not like their inventories to be blocked by big market-places as they might get orders through all channels. Although these products are not perishable, internet reach has reduced their shelf life due to fast changing fashion trends and advent of newer products. 

 What is ‘Shipdesk’ doing differently to increase its market share in India?

Shipdesk is not a market place for sale; it is a platform for simplifying logistics. Hence it is an agnostic platform for sales. It gives merchants the power to choose logistics service provider for each order. The core focus of Shipdesk being execution of orders in a seamless automated way, the merchants are relieved of the logistics challenges. Shipdesk ties-up with any small merchants, service providers or any marketplaces, irrespective of commitments in numbers or volume of business.  Our aim is to partner with the merchants, to help them in growing their business, solving their issues in executing the orders and thereby to grow along with them.

 Would you please reflect upon your R&D work?

Shipdesk has invested lot of time and efforts in ensuring that the merchants are using this platform with seamless experience. This is done by identifying their pain points through various researches and solving these challenges through adoption of right technology. For e.g. merchants wanted to communicate to their buyers instantaneously on the details of their shipments. We took this up and have automated the entire process. The entire solution is given as SAAS (Software As A Service), so that merchants are relieved of background technology. Shipdesk runs its own developed algorithms ensuring that the merchants have minimal point of inputs to get the best output.

 Do you plan any significant market expansion in near future?

Yes, we have initiated plans to increase our presence in various cities across India and also several special marketing programs to penetrate deeper into various verticals.

 Your message to the IT and Tech community…

Technology is moving away from products towards services. It is becoming hardware and software agnostic. The success of technology is being measured in terms of user adoption, simplicity and process that reduce the business issues matters more. The tech community has to be closer to the user than ever before.

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