Delhi High Court Dismisses RWA Plea Against Possible Tower Radiation

Indus-TowersNew Delhi, India, October 7, 2015: In a testament to the telecom towers efforts on dispelling myths of harmful effects of mobile tower radiations, the Hon’ble Delhi High Court recently dismissed a plea by the Vasant Kunj RWA terming the radiation threat as a mere perception. The Hon’ble court went on to say that the subscribers have the option of giving up the use of their mobile phones if they deem it as a health hazard.

According to the order, the appeal interferes with the process of policy making, and the Hon’ble Court reiterated that it neither has the power, nor the purpose to take a call on this particular subject. The Hon’ble High Court took cognizance of the fact that the appropriate authority had made the policy while keeping all such aspects in mind and that the Report of Inter-Ministerial Committee on EMF Radiation has also been considered while drafting the policy. The Hon’ble High Court also refused to interfere with policy-making and dismissed the petition considering no merit in the appeal.

B.S. Shantharaju, CEO of Indus Towers, said, “India 
 world with emissions 
level 1/10th of
the global standards.The decision of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court demonstrates that there is no harmful effects of radiation. We at Indus Towers are conscious of our social responsibilities and put India first.”

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