Comments on Google AndroidOne by Mr. Sanchit Gogia, Chief Analyst & CEO, Greyhound Research

Chief-Analyst-&-CEO-at-Greyhound-Research-Sanchit-GogiaGoogle Android One is going to be a game changer in India. Their goal is to reach next 5 billion people in emerging markets and a billion in India. This gives them an edge as compared Microsoft, Apple and Blackberry. AndroidOne gives Google tighter control over the Google OS which means standardised UX. Support for seven regional languages is going to be a solid plus over competitors – this will not only help consumers use vernacular, it’s also likely to help promote apps in regional language. 

In India, only less than 10% population has access to smartphones, with a price lower that $100 or Rs 5,000, it is going to be a Common man’s Smartphone.  That said, price alone does not drive demand. What is missing till now is education on the ground – once Google decides to sell via retail model, more on-the-ground education about AndroidOne will help promote the platform. 

While this is set to change the market dramatically, users will need education. Google apps are known to access personal information like contacts, pictures, text messages and a lot of other personal information and lack of knowledge of these items can lead to abuse of privacy. Advertising revenue promotes tracking of personal information. This is a big concern. 

Greyhound Research believes that Google can expect competition but none has the wherewithal like Google to be as aggressive and invest heavily in the ecosystem – FireFox and Tizen are competition but far from reaching critical volumes – Firefox (in partnership with Spice and Intex) launched two new smartphones, priced below Rs.2,300, aimed at those looking to upgrade from feature phones to smartphones. Both, Microsoft and Apple are not eyeing this market at all, so we can safely expect Google to pretty much own this market. Eventually, AndroidOne will touch Tablets as well. Google AndroidOne surely is going to end the OS fragmentation – standardized OS with the best-fit hardware, tons of apps and no competition! 

This launch is very timely given the recent focus by the Government of India on using technology to touch citizens. One of the key use cases will be the use of mobile devices in helping provide banking services to the unbanked. We can also expect increasing focus from the developer community on making apps that will help improve citizen life and information availability. 

Greyhound Research also believes that while this launch will help increase mindshare (and marketshare) amongst consumers, a lot of these smartphones will be used in enterprises. This is a critical point given the increase in adoption of a MobileFirst and BYOD policies amongst enterprises in India. This also indicates an increased cost for enterprises to support these devices. 

Problems AndroidOne can solve for India

  • Financial inclusion – banking for the unbanked – a similar case-study already exists in Nigeria
  • Google apps for business for start-ups and SMBs – solid integration
  • Availability of information, especially the govt can make use – citizen apps
  • Healthcare – people often have to go to hospitals and doctors for simple cure like BP issues, eye diagnostics
  • Google has already been actively supporting people in time of natural disasters – for example the entire database for Kashmir relief funds – imagine the impact this has


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