Cisco Technology Showcase – 2014

Cisco-Technology-Showcase-2014Videoscape brings our customers the most advanced, innovative pay TV experiences. Based on its 25 years of expertise and leadership in the pay TV industry, Cisco is now expanding Videoscape to the cloud and adding new capabilities to help its customers ignite growth, enhance agility and deliver new features to consumers faster than ever.

Cisco is also investing in award – winning user experiences and new monetisation solutions which connect consumers, devices and video to enable experiences that are personalised, synchronised and social.

With Cisco and Videoscape, the future of pay – TV is already here – sharper, faster and richer.

Here and Now

Video Everywhere

Cisco’s Video Everywhere solution is the ideal platform for creating multi-screen experiences through multiple devices. It serves as a foundation for next-generation video experiences which are personalised, synchronised and
social across multiple screens.

The Video Everywhere solution provides an open platform that continually evolves TV services offerings:

  • It delivers industry -leading multi-platform security technology to provide critical end -to-end content protection.
  • It provides best-in-class content management and user interface capabilities to enable consistent and synchronised experiences across all subscribers’ devices.
  • It helps consumers browse through content on other channels and view content available in the On Demand Library etc. through their handheld devices while viewing content on the main TV screen. The same device can then be used for recording/ reminder, or even switching to a channel. It’s a second ‘Remote at Home’.

This solution uses ABR technology which ensures that TV doesn’t stop, even when bandwidth is low. It also helps consumers watch live TV while travelling overseas, based on their content streaming rights.

Premium Bollywood and Hollywood content can be purchased and streamed on any device and can be viewed anywhere, anytime without internet.

This solution also provisions for Catch-Up TV. So in case the viewer missed watching, or forgot to record –they can still “catch up”.

Evo 12

Evo 12This end -to-end solution highlights Evo12, the standard High Definition UI specifically designed for the connected world, allowing new functionalities such as VOD and an enriched user experience with the use of extended metadata. Videoscape Open APIs enable companion devices to be connected to the home STB and for content to be browsed across those devices seamlessly.

Evo 12 UI is designed in such a way that when the consumer begins to view his TV he immediately sees the movies that can be purchased and watched. The smooth poster animations and additional info (metadata) informs the consumer about the available content and enables him to make an impulse purchase. It’s a win-win opportunity for consumers, TV providers and content owners.

Multi-Room DVR

The Cisco MediaHighway Multi-Room DVR (MRDVR) solution enables existing IP-connected zappers and DVRs in a multi-TV home to communicate with each other, thereby enabling a connected home TV experience. The MRDVR allows users to watch content recorded on a DVR from other non-DVR/DVR STBs in the same household. It enables discovery of recorded/ downloaded content within the in-home network from any of the IP-connected STBs, as well as watching the recorded/ downloaded content from any STB within the same household. It also allows users to resume or playback content from anywhere within the same household (Follow Me). It’s important to note that this uses the consumer’s home wi-fi so they are not paying extra for the bandwidth -it’s effectively free, in terms of internet charges. This service is very popular in the US and UK, and, we believe, it will be very popular in India as well.

Videoscape Open API

The control and context Videoscape API allows a companion device to control the STB over the home network as an enhanced remote control. It lets the STB share content with companion devices and takes input commands from a companion device. It also allows companion devices to view and access the programme guide including discovery, navigation and the ability to choose a channel to view. Alternatively, the user can tune to the channel on the STB and view content on the TV. Videoscape Open API also unleashes a developer’s creativity towards different monetization models.

Media Gateway

This demo highlights how an advanced DVR can act as Home Media Server –A Media Gateway that can stream content to other TV sets in the home and even to personal devices such as smartphones and tablets. Cisco brings this multiscreen solution within home using home network connectivity, so that the consumers can effectively use a wi-fi connection to extend TV to a number of devices. 

The Future

User Experience of Tomorrow

User Experience of TomorrowAn advanced UI prototype which is a result of our insight into how consumers tend to have channel, programme and celebrity loyalty while watching TV.

This solution provides a consistent viewing experience across set-top boxes and second screen. The UI provides a sophisticated search facility so that subscribers can search by channel, programmes or celebrities.

The navigation is user-friendly with a consistent design across second screen and STBs, which reduces users’ transaction and purchase times. 

OpenUX Development Kit

HTML5 – based Open Development Framework is catching up very fast. In India,we have a thriving developer community. So far they have been developing HTML5 based apps for phones and tablets but Cisco is now opening up the platform for TV. In current development is an app, a plug-in, and even a full programming guide for the TV using Cisco Open UX technology. Some of the advanced EPGs are also based on the Videoscape OpenUX solution.

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