Canon launches OCR Software Readiris Corporate 15 in Singapore

Singapore, July 1, 2015: Canon has unveiled its IRIS offering in Singapore, Readiris Corporate 15. An advanced optical character recognition (OCR) solution, Readiris aims to revolutionize the way enterprises in Singapore work with paper, enabling them to now convert paper into digitized documents and images for users to seamlessly search, and share information in a smarter, more productive workplace.

“The Readiris Corporate 15 comes at a time when information is king and as more organisations compete on the basis of innovation and efficiency, in workplaces that are making solid progress into a Smart Nation reality. Creating digital information to ease business processes becomes crucial, allowing users to focus on their core missions without losing time searching documents,” said Melvyn Ho, Senior Vice President, Domestic Operations Group, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Automated document processing improves productivity, archiving and work processes

The corporate version of Readiris comes with the support of Canon’s range of business scanners and multi-function devices for incoming documents. It has the ability to monitor and automatically process batches of documents into Watched Folders that can be set up to process dedicated document workflows.

These folders, on a local drive, network or server are pre-assigned destinations for users to save an incoming document or image file. Depending on the folder chosen, users can assign specific formats or settings for the documents being processed. PDFs, images and paper documents are seamlessly converted into searchable PDFs, and editable file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice and more, reducing manual manipulation of text heavy hard copies and improving workflow.

This is especially useful for companies who require their scanned documents to be converted into different formats at the same time, for different work processes. For example, a company might scan a document and use the PDF copy for filing, the Excel spreadsheet for billing and the Word document for document processing.

Readiris Corporate 15 also encompasses advanced page analysis technologies, featuring a powerful table recognition tool that identifies all the elements of a table from an image file. It is able to recreate the layout into modifiable files such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Developed with an “on-the-fly OCR” feature, Readiris Corporate 15 recognises over 135 languages and enables recognition up to 5 different languages in a single document at a high speed. This feature is particularly useful for companies with global footprint who need to quickly convert documents into different languages at the same time.

Designed to improve efficiency in the workplace

Readiris Corporate 15 is able to sort multiple batches of documents by simply inserting barcodes or blank pages in the files. It then automatically recognises these barcodes and blank pages and proceeds to separate the content into distributed documents in specific output files empowering users to easily manage, save and share. The batch feature also reduces document processing time by splitting tasks over a multi-core workflow, ideal for users with large multi-page documents to process.

For companies who scan and store a large amount to PDF files, Readiris Corporate 15 software also boasts the ability to hyper-compress PDF files without compromising on image quality. The OCR solution converts image files into PDF formats that are compressed up to 50 times smaller than the original images with I.R.I.S’ patented hyper-compression technology, iHQC. The four PDF formats available are: PDF-image, PDF-text, PDF text-image and PDF image-text. This unique feature allows users to save substantial amounts of storage space while archiving their documents.

Easy sharing of information allows increases mobility and efficiency

Readiris Corporate 15 empowers the mobile workforce with the ability to connect or export their digital documents to a myriad of Cloud service applications such as SharePoint, ThereFore, Dropbox,, Google Drive and Evernote. Users are able to continue or complete the work process, by sharing documents efficiently with clients and other co-workers in the organisation at no constraints on file size or file format. A powerful 3D correction feature also allows users to rectify the perspective distortion of images taken at an angle, guaranteeing excellent OCR results even while on-the-go.


Canon’s new OCR software, Readiris Corporate 15 is available at authorised Canon distributors and dealers.
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