#Budget2016: Post Budget 2016 reaction by Mr. Partha Iyengar – VP & Gartner Fellow, Country Manager Research (India), Gartner

The budget has a number of positives in it – though in some cases they are ‘baby steps’: 

  • Focus on rural skills development and improvement of rural digital literacy
  • Incenting the creation of domestic IP, driving domestic innovation
  • Creating a favorable environment for startups
  • Focus on infrastructure outlays
  • Continuing the ‘Make in India’ focus with a few more specific ‘catalysts’ announced in the budget
  • The focus on ‘Quality of Education’ as a specific initiative 

As always though, the devil is in the implementation of these schemes. It is good to see a mention of review of program effectiveness as one of the goals in the budget, but till we see that followed up religiously it is hard to give it credence.

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