#Budget2016: Post Budget 2016 reaction by Mr. P. Venkatesh, Director – Product Division, Maveric Systems

  • Fiscal consolidation: emphasis on fiscal consolidation and sticking to the fiscal deficit of 3.5% of GDP are welcome; this should therefore encourage the markets.
  • Reform in taxation: the proposed reform in taxation to reduce litigation, certainty of tax and also an affirmation of no retrospective legislation should help foreign investment into India.
  • FDI in food sector: the emphasis on the rural economy, food sector and also the coordinated move to provide FDI at 100% into the food sector clearly shows the wholesome integration of the policies.
  • Improving employment: continued investments in the social sector to improve employment through skill-building and greater emphasis on higher education reinforces a promising future
  • Addressing the trade gap: simplification of procedures and extension of duty drawback benefits to an extended list of sectors in order to promote export growth should aid in closing the current trade gap.

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