Aspire Systems launches ‘Digital Readiness Assessment Index’ for enterprises

Aspire Systems has launched a ‘Digital Readiness Assessment Index’ as a part of its Digital Discovery Service. The Assessment Index is a technology-driven online assessment tool that helps assess the digital maturity of an enterprise. This assessment is the first step of the Digital Discovery Service launched by the company which helps enterprises in assessing and linking their digital assets better in order to enable digital transformation across the board.

The Digital Readiness Assessment Index is the brainchild of 150 digital experts at Aspire with domain knowledge across different industries, and helps assess an enterprise’s readiness to adopt technology. Taking into consideration five parameters including mobility, cloud, social media, analytics and customer experience, the Assessment Index is exclusively built to analyse an enterprise’s digitization initiatives and capabilities.

Aspire’s Digital Discovery Service will help enterprises map digital journeys. While this service aims to increase adoption rates of emerging technologies by these enterprises, it also helps streamline existing automation processes, reduces IT expenditure and provides superior customer experience.

Finny Chellakumar, Head – Digital Business Services, Aspire Systems said, “It has become the need of the hour that all businesses to go digital to serve their customers better. Enterprises need to be enabled digitally in order to provide a seamless customer experience and vice versa. With our new Assessment Index, enterprises will be able to evaluate their position in the digital maturity scale and with our Digital Discovery Service, they can identify the right blend of digital channels in order to achieve higher operational and business efficiencies.”

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