5G is coming to India in 2022

5G promises to change the way we use mobile data completely. With every innovation in this field, we’ve taken huge leaps forward but the switch from 4G to 5G is bound to be the biggest one yet. Not only will it offer 100 times the speed of 4G, but it will finally allow us to access the services that have previously been too complicated for the users to do on mobile devices. But this innovation that has taken the world by storm is promising to roll out worldwide slowly. While the US and China will likely get public access to it first, India will probably see the 5G roll out two years after.

This new launch will likely change a lot of industries. Any company that has been offering services, specifically live entertainment is bound to benefit the most from this launch. Online casinos have been actively taking the leading role in the digital entertainment industry, even rivaling their real-life counterparts. But one of the major drawbacks of 4G is that it’s just not fast enough to deliver high-quality services and experience while on data. With 5G the online casinos can offer their customers to play with more people than ever and get the high-quality graphics that could rival the real console games. Making it possible for people to participate in these games while on the go. This could greatly change the entertainment industry altogether, be that online casinos, sports betting or any sort of live stream service.

India is already making moves to ensure that it gets all the benefits of 5G as soon as possible. According to the Swedish telecom gear maker Ericsson 5G technology will be available in India around 2022 and the plan of action is already being drafted. Ericcson also shared their prediction about the adoption rates and said that 5G will account for 11% of the total subscription in India as soon as 2025. In a more general scheme of things by 2025, 5G should allegedly have 2.6 billion subscriptions, covering 65% of the world’s populations. The prediction also says that by 2025 5G will be generating 45% of the world’s total mobile data traffic.

India will be getting the mass adoption of the technology a bit later but the impact will still be substantial. The adoption of LTE is still developing and will represent 80% of mobile subscriptions by the end of 2025. While the technology will be available by 2022 and the predictions say that we’ll only see an 11 percent mobile subscription at the end of 2025 so the process will definitely be a little slow, at least according to the Ericsson Mobility Report. Average monthly traffic is also expected to increase up to 24GB, while the average consumption right now is at 13.6GB in India. Slow or Fast the progress will definitely hit the Indian mobile market.

These predictions are based on the fact that the number of smartphones in the country has increased during the last few years but also the use of these smartphones has shown to grow dramatically, highlighting that the tendency in India is in favor of smartphone adoption and the more intense use of it. So 5G will definitely gain a large following in India, even if it happens a bit later compared to some countries.

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