50% consumers in NCR use e-commerce websites to research on products before buying them offline: Zinnov

zinnov-logoNew Delhi, India, January 21, 2014: Zinnov, a leading market expansion and globalization advisory firm, has rolled out its latest study on “Consumer Mobility and E-Commerce”, which encompasses raging trends in the mobile adoption space as well as that of e-commerce in the NCR and adjoining sub-urban area. This first-of-its-kind consumer led study highlights major trends shaping the industry in the mobility space and clearly spells details like the kind of spending that is happening on devices, the various payment mechanisms, device change trends, purchasing patterns of apps and devices and their usage on different OS platforms.

For E-Commerce adoption in the region, this recent Zinnov study brings on specifics like who are the top players, what are the growth drivers & deterrents, key interesting purchasing trends, and details on how E-commerce is growing on mobility devices.

The released study highlighted that Mobility, has taken a big leap since the last year with consumers owning multiple devices. Urban users are more prone to retain smartphones it said and the average smartphone spending in the NCR region is pegged at INR 18, 230.

On an average, 10% of all smartphones were bought online with Windows phones faring best in sales through e-retailing. 35% consumers in the region use mobility devices for all e-commerce activities. The tendency to purchase apps however is very low with 83% consumers not purchasing apps. The average spending on Apps was found to be INR 417 with ~46% users not being concerned about app authenticity.

Bringing to light the massive uptake in the e-commerce market in the region since the last year, the released study read that more than 34% consumers shopped online at least once a month. While TV ads contribute to 13% of the traffic, 40% of consumers visit an e-commerce website on a friend’s suggestion. On an average 19% of the monthly budget is spent on e-commerce by those who shop online, the study brought to light.

However 50% consumers regularly use e-commerce websites to research on products and later buy them from physical stores. The trend of ‘Searching Online and Buying Offline’ is due to the consumer apprehensions of e-commerce transactions with 30% consumers expressing concerns regarding product quality and 28% fearing wrong product delivery, the study highlighted.

Also, Brand recall is limited to a few major players in the e-commerce sector. Flipkart has the highest brand recall among NCR consumers at 71%, followed by Myntra and Jabong at 30% and 29% respectively.

Praveen Bhadada, Director, Market Expansion, Zinnov, said, “The massive uptake of e-commerce is directly proportional to the growth of internet and smartphone penetration in the country. Consumer mobility is on the rise with 35% consumers using mobility devices for e-commerce activities which lay a huge market for e-commerce players. What we have seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg and the e-commerce & mobility market is bound to grow exponentially”

“The market is surging upwards with 5-10 key e-commerce players attracting majority of the consumers. Still there’s a massive opportunity for new entrants with the exponential rise in the consumer base. Premium services like same day delivery will have a strong impact on driving sales and creating brand recall”, Praveen Bhadada further added.

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