5 Technologies set to redefine the future

The world has undergone enormous changes over the past decade. Technology is changing in the blink of an eye with countless new innovations coming our way. India has been lucky to witness several such era redefining technologies and gadgets in recent years thanks to brands who are investing a ton of their budget in R&D. The result? A promising future where lives will be made easier with smart gadgets. But wait, what if the future is right here, right now?

Let’s look at gadgets that are futuristic and promise to offer us exceptional experience.


The Selfie Expert, OPPO, is creating all the right noises with its Find series. One of the most awaited phones, Find X, has already been launched globally and is rumored to soon set foot in India. OPPO’s flagship smartphone, Find X, sports creative futuristic design thanks to a 6.42-inch panoramic arc screen and features full stealth 3D cameras on the front and back of the smartphone body. The Stealth 3D Cameras, 25MP AI front camera and 16MP and 20MP Dual Cameras use a sliding structure that gives the phone a natural, seamless design for unparalleled smooth handling. This will be one spectacular smartphone!

RADA ROBOT by Vistara

Robots may soon greet you at Indian airports. The made-in-India robot is aimed at helping the airline offer a seamless experience. Rada is a robot which uses artificial intelligence to interact and help customers. Currently, RADA can scan boarding passes and provide information on departure gates, weather conditions of destination city and real time flight status. It greets customers and interacts with them using basic hand movements and can move around in the lounge on predefined pathways. Additionally, it can engage with kids and adults alike by playing games and other multimedia content such as songs and videos. You can expect to see RADA at Delhi airport terminal 3 lounge from July 5. 


The speaker allows you to control your music and connect to the voice service of Amazon, which is known as Alexa. Alexa is a voice controlled intelligent personal assistant. You can set alarms, make calls and also listen to news. You can also control your smart home with the device. Alexa is an amazing personal assistant and it can make your life easier by executing simple day to day tasks. Echo speaker is now available in India at INR 8999 only.


This revolutionary gadget allows you to create your own personal climate! Now you can adjust temperature to your needs, not the needs of everyone using one shared air cooler. Using the principle of water evaporation, Evapolar takes in hot and dry air and makes it cool, moist and fresh. People who are sensitive to different temperatures would love this product. This device is available globally and you can get this product shipped to India through official website.


OnePlus recently launched its bullet wireless headphones which supports fast charging and has a playback time of 5 hours with just 10 minutes of charging. Now that’s something music lovers will rejoice. The headphones are sweat proof and water resistant. They also support google assistant. These headphones are now available in India at INR 3990.

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