2014 overview and Trends for 2015 by Mr. Neeraj Jewalkar, Founder & CEO Smartur.com

Overview of 2014 and Expectations for 2014 for Startups

Founder-&-CEO-Smartur-com-Neeraj-Jewalkar2014 has been a fantastic year for startups. The success of Flipkart and Snapdeal with funding of over a billion dollars has encouraged those looking to start up to take the plunge. With more investors coming in, it is now much easier to raise funds and do so much more quickly. With the risk taking appetite of investors at a new high 2015 will see more startups getting created and existing startups raising significant funding to take their ventures to the next level. The announcement of T-Hub is the best thing to have happened to Hyderabad in 2014. India’s largest tech incubator will propel Hyderabad to newer heights once it becomes operational in 2015. The mentorship by ISB and IIIT will definitely provide the incentive for Startups to prefer Hyderabad over other locations. With the addition of the next 100 million internet users by July 2015 b2c ventures will see a significant traction for their offering in the coming months.

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