This monsoon, arm your new phone with a waterproof pouch and damage protection to keep it safe and dry!

The skies are grey, the roads are slushy and your umbrella is now your constant companion. Monsoon has officially arrived in the country and while it definitely brings some much-needed respite from the scorching sun, it probably also sends you in a tizzy worrying about how to protect your new smartphone from the deluge.

Leaving your phone at home is hardly an option especially in the monsoon what with trains never running on time, streets waterlogged and traffic choc-a-block moving at a snail’s pace.

So, here are 5 simple ways to keep your phones safe and dry this monsoon:
  1. Easy, breezy plastic bags, ziplock cases and waterproof pouches

First and foremost, it’s a must to keep the phones dry which means you can’t simply put them in your pocket or your handbag because they may get drenched. Waterproof pouches and ziplock bags are the easiest and simplest answer. You can choose from the range of vibrant and colourful pouches that are available in the market. You can also shop online for universal waterproof mobile phone pouches. With a touch sensitive transparent plastic cover, they protect your phone while allowing you to use it on the go even when it rains. Most importantly, they don’t cost much. Universal mobile pouches that suit all phone types and screen sizes are available at prices ranging from Rs 160 to 350/- per pouch. Safeseed, Tarkan, Celebration, Aeoss are a few brands one could choose from.

But if you do not find the time to buy any of these, you can simply use a plastic bag. Always keep one handy so thatin case of a heavy downpour you can put your phone into the plastic bag and then put it safely inside your handbag or rucksack.You can add some silica gel packets to your phone pouch since they absorb moisture.

  1. Get a Bluetooth device and go hands-free

Because it’s better to be safe than sorry! It’s best to keep your phone inside your bag if it is raining heavily as it may get affected by moisture if you keep using it constantly in the rain. Nonetheless, if it’s too urgent, you can use a Bluetooth headset or headphone. A Bluetooth set may cost a little more than a regular headphone though the former guarantees better protection for your phone. Take your pick from a popular electronics store or shop online.

  1. Go for a waterproof smartphone

It’s not the easiest option because waterproof smartphones do not come cheap, but it’s the most reliable option. You can also go in for water-resistant brands. Though expensive, you can choose the ones which suit your budget to enjoy tension-free outings the whole monsoon!

  1. Get damage protection (DP)

Make sure you pick and activate a damage protection pack for your phone during the time of purchase as a panacea for your monsoon blues. Under a Damage Protection plan you will get an extensive coverage for physical and liquid damage to mobile screens as well as touch pads. A damage protection pack on your phone will save you a lot of hassles in case you need it. Be sure to choose a service provider who will collect your phone, repair it and drop it back at your doorstep. You can buy a damage protection pack online as well. OnsiteGo, Tata AIG and a few others offer such services. OnsiteGo offers a damage protection pack with free pick and drop facility. They are the only ones that run a “no questions asked” program and provide service whether the damage is accidental or not. And if your phone is beyond repair, no worries, they will get you a replacement for free, so you are sorted.

  1. If your phone gets wet…

Despite every caution you take, there are chances that your phone still gets wet as you scurry to save yourself from the heavy showers. What you can do is switch off your phone and pull out its battery. Then you can submerge the phone and its parts in a bowl filled with rice or silica gel pouches so the moisture is absorbed. Leave it there for at least 24 hours. Remember, never to charge a wet phone because it can be dangerous!

Although staying away from your phone these days is near to impossible, the monsoon demands you to be extra cautious. So just follow these easy steps and prevent damage to your phone this Monsoon!

Authored by:- Mr. Kunal Mahipal, CEO Onsitego

(The views expressed in this article are by Kunal Mahipal. doesn’t own any responsibility for it.) News Service

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