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CEO-of-nurturey-Tushar-SrivastavaIT has become an integral part of many aspects of an individual’s life. Even in the parenting space, digital technology is transforming the way families improve their lives, as everyone is making use of latest technologies for entertainment, education, management and other various purposes. Although digital platforms have been part of parenting for some time now, only now they are beginning to develop engaging and personalized experience for modern day busy parents.

It seems that one of the most important innovations is in evolution of digital productivity tools platforms that help parents to manage their lives around kids. Such tools facilitate managing doctor visits, immunizations, tracking social, cognitive and physical growth of their children, building kids’ timeline etc – basically all aspects of lives around kids. While parents are overwhelmed with information, algorithms in these tools can connect parents to only the most relevant and personalized resources, e.g. proactively connecting parents to a psychologist, if certain behavioural tendencies are spotted in a child. However, such tools would be most effective if parents can sign up from the stage they conceive and utilize them till the time their kids get into their teens – i.e. a one-stop solution for their digital productivity tools needs. Good news is that such digital platforms are emerging in the market that offers intuitive and secure digital ‘productivity tools’ for parents. 

Not only this, digital platforms can help build better parent-kid relationships by helping parents to understand their kid’s behaviours, psychology etc. in better and simpler manner, thereby helping parents to interact, respond and connect with their children more effectively.

As children grow up, they begin to explore the vast world of digital media. Children these days can easily access internet through desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones. To safeguard their children from negative online experiences and malicious content, parents are taking extra precautions like giving limited access to internet, using parental controls or educating them about proper use of internet. Many digital platforms are available nowadays to help parents track activities of their kids on online or on social network and guide those to right path if they are doing something wrong.

In conclusion, IT space is going through a rapidly evolving stage and the innovation is aimed to transform the way modern day parenting is done. On one hand, these platforms can be a boon for modern day busy parents, but if not used properly, they can be a bane as well. Instead of parents being on one side and children on other, they should work together, to harness the full potential of digital platforms for making their lives more effective and efficient.

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