Dr. Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar, President Of Aeris India

IoT is about monitoring, collecting, analysing and providing insights into information from Things. And 4G/LTE plays a promising role in long term & high volume data enabled connectivity and application services. Today, large Data Centers are being run by Telcos and with wider adoption of IoT, telcos will soon become the data storage providers in IoT, enabling a new stream of revenue and revenue enabled services. Telco’s are already turning into IoT solution providers for their Enterprise Customers. There is huge market opportunity for Telcos in multiple verticals and it would be interesting to see how soon they are able to tap it. 

IoT is the ‘Evolution’ in the data and Internet enabled services. Connectivity is the key to successful IoT and Telecom industry is the key to Connectivity. Whether is it is 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, Lorawan, Sigfox, or any other technology, Telcos will always be in the mainstream of IoT.

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