Windows Phone app for International Yoga Day


Yoga is a way of knowing the self. “When the mind has been stilled and made morally perfect, it acts as a mirror, reflecting the essential nature of the self back on the self, whereby the self, or the person, can abide in its own true nature ” says Patanjali yoga sutras. Practice and find yourself.


This app consists of all yogasanas and the way to do them which is very good for health. It contains numerous features. Use nokia music to browse through music and artists of your choice, to help enjoy yoga. Also for stressed out conditions, a speech recognition game is available.

Baba Ramdev Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice and is an important part of traditional Indian or “Ayurvedic” medicine in India. Yoga uses several exercises including breathing, meditation, and body posture exercises. Many different styles of yoga exist that use a variety of techniques. The purpose of yoga is to achieve self-realization or enlightenment. Today it is also used for a variety of medical conditions and to maintain good health.

Facial Yoga

Facial yoga face beauty cure offers simple facial yogic exercises to get leaner sexier and younger beautiful college cutie look. Learn these simple facial yogic exercises to get rid of face fat and aging (age)effect with pretty and cutie face by easy natural care tips fun of learning.

Pregnancy Care (Prenatal Yoga)

Learn simple prenatal (pregnancy) yoga exercises to enhance freshness and comfort in day-to-day life during pregnancy. Comprehensive app for prenatal (pregnancy) yoga, fitness, relaxation and care. Do not make the mistake of thinking that something as simple as Prenatal Yoga will not be effective. Prenatal Yoga is a great way to prepare you for birthing process as well as enjoy pregnancy term.

Health & Fitness

Fitness is a general state of health and well-being. It is a set of attributes or characteristics seen in people and which relate to the ability to perform a given set of physical activities. Find 1000+ exercise and workout videos that will help you meet your health goals.

Track Runner

Track Runner is the best app for runners that don’t compromise. It helps in keeping a track of your run, analyze your performance & train smarter with intervals. Award-winning Track Runner is packed with run-centric features and completely free with no in-app purchases or ads.

Workout Scheduler

Workout Scheduler is one of the highest rated fitness apps available on Windows Phone app store and now comes with Windows Phone 8 features. The app lists out thousands of workouts along with step-by-step instructions. Many graphic images and tips are provided for better understanding of moves. When doing work out, you must consider your body type and the specific body area from which you want to lose weight. You can choose an exercise that suits your body type.


Runtastic is your ideal fitness tracking app for all outdoor (running, walking, hiking, biking, etc.) and indoor (treadmill, cardio, yoga, weight lifting & more) health & fitness activities! Track your sports and fitness activities, boost motivation, burn more calories, achieve greater results and exceed your goals with Runtastic.

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