Way2News, an app for news snippets in Indian languages

New Delhi, India, August 3, 2015: way2online launches Way2News, an app that brings to you short summarized nuggets of news in local languages, in a magazine style format. Way2News is foraying into the large untapped segment of news readers who want to consume news in their native languages.

India is now the second-largest internet market in the world, and the next crop of users will be more rural, older, gender-equal, mobile and vernacular than their counterparts of today.  This section likes to see, hear, and debate on news and current affairs in a manner, that is very regional, and language specific.

Way2News aims to create a unique news reading experience with a strong local language focus. The emphasis is on presenting news as short summarized news snippets that fit in the mobile screen without scrolling. Also, Way2News has a visually more appealing style of presentation with crisp snippets available in rich visual formats such as images, photo galleries and videos.

Raju Vanapala, Founder & CEO Way2online, says, “Our professional editors scour multiple news sources, local dailies, TV news channels, websites, blogs and summarize each news story in just 400 characters. The idea is to enable the reader to assimilate all the major occurrences across the world without having to spend too much time poring over lengthy articles. So in just a matter of a few minutes, the app reader stays abreast of the latest occurrences in the world around her or him.”

Considering the multitude of mobile phone devices with differing viewing screens, coupled with varied availability of internet speeds across India’s geography, Way2News had a huge challenge with respect to ensuring seamless news reading experience. The Way2News app that you see has undergone 100s of hours of testing on various devices, to ensure seamless reading pleasure.

Sunil Patil, Chief Content Officer of Way2News, says, “That content is the key, goes without saying. Currently, way2news is available in Hindi, Telugu and English languages. We are planning to add 8 more languages in next 45 days. Test runs over the last one month have generated huge levels of engagement by the users, bringing us surprise results.”

This app seeks to lower entry barriers by using the mobile route, and delivering short and edited news, accessible anytime, and at any place, using your smartphone. With the Internet poised for greater penetration among users of local languages, Way2News is in sync with the need of the hour. There is immense potential for the app to go viral in the wake of demand for local languages as Internet gets deeper penetration beyond the English speaking populace of the country.

Way2News is accessible on Android currently; iOS version of the app will be made live in 2 weeks.


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