Unlock launches ‘Direct-Recharge’ feature

New Delhi, India, June 29, 2015: Unlockar makes another addition to the list of its cutting-edge features with ‘Direct-Recharge’. This feature is not only beneficial for users but also gives them a chance to show their generosity. While the app allows easy and direct recharge on any network and any circle, it also lets the users give back to society, by donating one rupee from the recharged amount, on their behalf, to charity. The recharge is available on various amounts like Rs.11, Rs.21, Rs.51 and Rs.101. Unlockar sends the donation amount to Akshay Patra and PETA.

Piyush Paul, Director, Co-Founder & CEO of Unlockar Apps Pvt. Ltd. commented, “We have come a long way in the field of SOLOMO, with all our offerings and have been able to attain user gratification through content sharing. However, with the launch of the ‘Direct-Recharge’ feature, we intend to make the app more functional while doing our bit to contribute to the wellbeing of society.”

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