Top Five apps to boost your business productivity

Let’s face it. If you had the choice between boosting your productivity at work and staying as you are, most people would choose the former. Everyone wants to enjoy the feeling of being more productive – not only does it mean getting more done, but more done well, in a shorter period of time.

Fear not – we’ve done the initial work for you and scoured the web to find some of the most useful Indian apps on the appstore today. Check out some of our favorites below:

  • PushbulletPushbullet a hugely effective app for anyone on the go. In short, this app transfers stuff from your phone to your computer and back again, meaning that all-important document you’ve been slaving over at work can be finished on your phone on the way home, at the press of a button. Similarly text messages that usually go direct to your phone spring up on your computer screen – with Pushbullet you’ll only ever need one device for all your work life needs at any time. This app makes work much more flexible and adaptable to suit you.

Available on – iOS, Android, Windows. Free

  • Scannable Scannable the ultimate easy paper scanner. It may not sound that glamorous but this app is incredibly useful on the go or in the office, transforming any piece of paper into high-quality scans – without the bulk and effort needed for a traditional scanner.Scannable instantly recognizes business cards, receipts, and any other paper you point it at. Scans are automatically cropped and enhanced, producing crystal clear digital documents.

Available on –iOS. Free

  • SwiftKeySwiftKey the typing app of choice! Transforming your typing across every app, SwiftKey learns from you and adapts to your particular writing style, from nicknames to a tone you may reserve specifically for your boss! Each time you use it, it gets smarter, faster and easier – it’s also free and supports 80 languages including Hinglish typing. Spend a month using SwiftKey Keyboard and discover for yourself.

Available on – Android,iOS. Free

  • ContactuallyContactually–Contactually is a great way to help you build and improve important relationships in your network. It automatically knows who you have been emailing often — and helps remind you to follow up with the people you should keep in touch with. You simply put your contacts into “buckets,” and then decide how often you want to follow up with the people in each one. It automatically creates follow-ups for you and letting you know the last time you spoke to a person. You can save dynamic templates to make your holiday wishes, congratulations, and follow-ups after meetings easier.

Available on– Android, iOS. Free

  • Sign EasySign Easy – This app comes handy when you have to sign documents on the go using mobile phones or tablets. It is compatible with several document formats such as Word, PDF, Excel, HTML, Text, Image files (JPEG, PNG, TIFF) and plenty more. You can create your signature and initials using just your finger or stylus and reduce turnaround times and expedite your daily business tasks. Not to mention that you save paper too.

Available on – Android, iOS. Free

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