Top 5 Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Dropbox: Many of us have been waiting for the official Dropbox app for Windows Phone, and it’s finally here. Access your photos, docs, and videos from any device, share them, createa “Favorites” list for fast viewing and more with this shiny new app. You’ll also get 2 GB of space when you sign up and have the option to pin folders to your Start screen. The official Dropbox app was developed by none other than superstar Rudy Huyn of 6tag, so you can expect a quality app.

Voicy: Voicy can convert your speech to text, with a large selection of languages available to choose from such as English, French, Arabic, or Vietnamese. The design is minimalistic and clean, making it easy to use right from the start – just choose your language, press the button, and start speaking. You can then choose a follow-up action such as copy, SMS, email, or even Wikipedia. Voicy is free to try out, but you’ll need to buy “recognitions” if you want to continue using it.

Strung Along: In the aptly-named Strung Along, you control a wooden puppet that needs to reach goal markers step-by-step, avoiding obstacles. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it’s not. The puppet staggers and stumbles, snaps his strings if your steps are too long, and will probably make you rage quit at least once. But Strung Along has the right balance of fun and frustrating, and chances are good you’ll enjoy it once you sharpen your skills. Challenging puzzles, beautiful visuals, and a creative idea make it worth playing.

Twitter: Twitter finally updated its app with a few cool new features, the biggest of which is Cortana integration. In addition to being able to use Cortana to send out tweets, you can also share websites from Internet Explorer to the Twitter app. People Hub integration is also included in the update.

Tweetium: Tweetium is the premium Windows Twitter client you’ve been waiting for. It’s slick. It’s fast. It’s been designed with ample feedback from serious Twitter users, with the goal of helping you get the most out of Twitter on Windows phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.


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