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New Delhi, India, February 26, 2016: Finding events is now a breeze with 10Times. Up until now if you wanted to attend a fashion event or a marketing conference your best bet would have been a google search. But we all know  that it can get very cumbersome to jump from one page to another and more often than not end up missing some important events. 10Times solves this problem with a freakishly amazing platform with every conceivable event or conference being listed on it. 10Times is the worlds largest event discovery platform. They listed over 225 thousand business events and conferences in over 100 industries in 2015 alone.


The 10Times app makes things even more convenient by using your location to show upcoming, nearby and trending events from the industry of your choice. The app has a very clean and simple UI.  An ace up its sleeve is the feature that lets you connect with fellow event goers. You can network with your business clients or counterparts from other industries even before you attend the event. This is something that is bound to make your event experience much more pleasant and useful. One can also look for people from specific industries and connect with them. This feature is very similar to tinder where you can swipe right or left to connect with people. Hey but this app is only for business networking and not dating.

Other than event discovery and networking 10Times offers services such as getting directions to venues, event agendas and speaker details. 10Times also has a very useful dashboard that is used by more than 15k event organizers to manage their events and event enquiries. 10Times offers tools and services that help event organizers increase their footfall by maximizing event visibility and  reaching a more focused target audience. All in all for everything related to events, trade shows and conferences 10Times seems to have you covered. A thumbs up to this Zomato of events and its two co-founders Atul Todi, the business chief and Mayank Chowdhary, the product chief. News Service

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