Telegram Messenger: Privacy, Security, Speed and Rich Features

Telegram is driving consumer-focused innovation to transform user experience. With privacy and security of users as a cornerstone, the app has introduced a slew of new features in the past six months, which makes it more desirable and relevant for modern users.

Unleash Creativity: A media editor for both photos and videos, along with support for animated stickers enables users to create engaging content and enhance their messaging experience. The app also has a GIF panel with a fast loading time, a Trending section and emoji-based tabs that covers most popular emotions.

Safety from Stalkers and Hackers: Telegram has the provision to let users chat without revealing their phone numbers, via usernames. Only users who know each other beyond the Telegram network and have each other’s contact details saved in their device, can see the respective phone numbers.

Strong and robust encryption provides safeguard against any potential attack from hackers. It is 100% free, without ads and there is no third-party access to user data.

Practically Unlimited: Telegram Groups for many-to-many chats and conversations allows the addition of up to 200,000 users in any particular group. Telegram Channels, which is suitable for one-way broadcasting of messages and information, allows unlimited subscribers for each channel.

The Power of Cloud: Users can share files with up to 1.5 GB size at a single time. This ensures that the quality of content is not compressed or compromised. All user files and chat history are saved in an encrypted and secure cloud-based server, thus saving local disc space on the devices. A user can also re-download these files whenever they wish to. This also lets new users in a Group or Channel to access files that were shared before they joined the forum; the admin doesn’t need to re-share the files.

Telegram also provides full support for usage of the app on desktops, laptops and tablets through all the latest web-browsers.

Verified Information from Verified Channels: To enable the relay of information and content that is officially verified and/or authorized, Telegram has on boarded various Government and Media Groups to create dedicated Channels for their followers, readers and viewers. All these Channels are vetted and verified by Telegram at the back-end.

One example of such a Channel is the MyGov Corona Newsdesk, (with more than 2 million subscribers) which provides official updates about the COVID-19 pandemic, directly from the Government of India.

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