Telegram: Animated Emojis & Stickers are the new forms of social expression

Telegram messenger is a go-to platform for innovative stickers, animated emoji’s and latest GIFs. Telegram was one of the first of its kind to introduce animated emojis on an instant messenger application, which has become a new normal for people who use them extensively while chatting. It has a dedicated sticker directory where users can search over 20,000 free high-quality stickers developed over the past 5 years. Telegram offers more than hundreds of animated emojis in addition to the normal versions, thousands of animated stickers under 500 total number of categories, and 10 different categories of animated GIFs as well. This includes emotions related to love, anger, victory, celebration, and many more.

Moreover, it provides a faster loading time on screen for these animated creatures in comparison to other instant messenger platforms. This overall delivers a seamless conversational experience with enhanced graphics to the users while chatting.

At the beginning of this year 2020, Telegram introduced a new set of animated emojis. Later during the time of pandemic it has also added a few more to its kitty which are meant to showcase affection and care. The app has also released stickers related to coronavirus safety awareness, masks, etc.

With the recent update last month, Telegram users can add animated stickers to a photo or video. It allows them to highlight their expression to the recipients with a sticker while sending any video or photo of their choice. Moreover, a photo gets converted into a GIF when a user adds sticker on it.

Telegram is planning to release more such trending emojis, stickers and GIFs in their upcoming updates.


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