launches its Petoo Boy App for easy delivery

Bengaluru, India, August 14, 2015:, an e-commerce startup has launched its Delivery Boy App with the name Petoo Boy App- to help its customers to wait without being restless. Each delivery boy will carry a Smartphone having his custom created App, which will enable him to mark as available once he reaches the hub. Once the boy is available for delivery, our backend team can assign delivery orders to him.

Once you place an order, it is assigned to one of the available delivery boys. The delivery boy shall also receive a notification showing the order and customer details. When the food is packed and ready for delivery, the boy marks order as “out for delivery” and it is notified to the consumer. The app also starts tracking the live location of boy through map. The customers can also track the boy’s location, which enables them to know the delivery time.

Once the boy delivers food, he marks the order as delivered on the app and looks for the next order in queue and gets on with the job.

On the launch of Petoo Boy App,  Co-founder Kumar Setu, said, “Petoo Boy App would be the first of its kind app that will benefit in food delivery to customers and also the management of”.

Ritesh Dwivedy, Co-founder, added “We want Petoo to reach every household and make it an every households’ brand.”

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