Opera Ads launched in India

Opera announced the launch of its new product  –  Opera Ads – which serves the needs of digital marketers in India. The new platform gives advertisers a unique opportunity to reach and engage with more than   350   million  Opera users worldwide with an innovative, content-based ad experience within Opera’s global inventory and across its portfolio of products.

Per Wetterdal, VP Global Business Development, Opera, said, “With Opera Ads, we are opening the Opera ecosystem to advertisers, allowing them to run more precisely targeted campaigns and improve the control of their media buy. We make sure your ads will be served with a premium placement in connection with an engaging content experience”.

Based on user intent and contextual relevance,  Opera  Ads offers an intelligent advertising solution to digital agencies, publishers and brands to connect and engage with the Opera audiences at a global scale and with geo-targeting capabilities.  The platform offers transparency, unique and controllable ad placements, reach and budget management based on the support of fixed and dynamic pricing models. Opera Ads is available in both traditional and programmatic buying models. In this way, Opera Ads provides a trusted and relevant environment for users, advertisers and simplifies the campaign performance evaluation.

Opera Ads is designed to be the platform-of-choice for advertisers seeking the opportunity to reach a scaled and engaged audience in a highly transparent fashion across the fastest growing mobile digital markets.

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