N-gage App Review

So this isn’t like your traditional chat apps, but it is also a chat app loaded with abundant features, which are futuristic and useful as well. The best feature that I would highlight is cross-platform app where you can make calls/send messages to users across different platforms (Hike, WhatsAppetc). And it does not end here, there is more to it. N-gage allows you to make video callsacross apps with multiple people at the same time. And if that is not enough, you can also send and receive password protected messages and pictures. 

Some other features because of which N-gage scores over other apps are Blink, Scramble and ScreenshotDisabling.With blink you can set a timer on the message, after which the message will automatically disappear from the other person’sdevice, and there will be no trace of the same. Like other messengers, n-gage aims to cater to the needs of the diverse Indian audience. They have separate section to send ‘n-cards’, ‘n-Stickers’&‘Doodle Plus’ where users can send ‘soft cards’ during occasions any occasions, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries with personalisation.With n-gage messenger, users can get their daily dose of information e.g. If you are interested in Health, Lifestyle etc. n-gage would curate the content for you in the ‘Know’ section of n-gage. We found this feature quite useful & in order to drive user-growth, they have integrated all the social media features in the app.


It would have been even better if n-gage had done cross-app information sourcing i.e. getting curated and personalized content from other apps like Daily Hunt.Another feature, which is again unique to n-gage is – Extract, which will allows users to pull back a message or an entire conversation from the receiver’s phone, leaving no trace of the conversation that you ever had that conversation. We often tend to miss on important dates or want to be the first one to wish that special person, n-gage provides you with the solution. You can schedule your messages and the app will automatically send the message to the person.

Safe chat allows you to send password protected messages. Scramble option makes your chat illegible to people snooping on your phone as images get pixelated and chats get encoded.n-gage enables its users to connect with family and friends from around the world in over 45 languages. It prides itself on security for its users over anything else, and enables end to end encryption for every single message that gets sent out. It also supports group chat in case you want to get a larger conversation going.

Over all the app is quite unique and score over predecessors, I am waiting for the next innovation and wondering what it would be?

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