MyFreeTV provides free entertainment services on new Gatimaan express and Punjab Roadways buses

MyFreeTV, an offline video on demand entertainment service, announces that it service is running on the new superfast train Gatimaan express and Punjab Roadways buses.

MyFreeTV is an advanced entertainment system based on offline and online video-on-demand service platform for people on the go. It allows users to access to a world of multimedia content, without having to pay for Internet usage when connected to MyFreeTV hotspot.

It will give its users access a world of multimedia content such as movies, videos, TV serials, Comedy Shows, film documentaries, video songs, devotional songs, Dr. Angeli Qwatra’s Safety Training program and much more directly to the users carrying smartphones, tablets or laptops.

It is designed to deliver reliable high performance streaming for multiple, concurrent and multimedia devices. While the users effortlessly connect to Wi-Fi via a secure local network, MyFreeTV takes care of everything else. News Service

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