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We are living in a digital era, where we want to do so many things online. There was a time, when people want to experience things. They roamed inside the city for a particular item. But, now, time has changed, people want to experience things online and by it, they are saving their precious time.

Now a days even heart surgery is happening online, where a doctor of another end is stating that how will you operate and the doctor of another end operates it approx the same manner. There are many cases now a days, we hear. By it, now no need to take a patient to any particular hospital. A Patient operation has been done in rural areas by using this technique and the medium is only online.

To discuss the power of online, Today, I want to talk about one of the good app, it is “WealthPack”. I’m using it from  past few days and I am really liking it. By using this app user can do his financial planning very effectively. This app comes with good features like personal finance, budget tool, expense tracker, money manager, expense manager and others.

User interface (UI) of this app is too good, even a layman can easily understand thing, once he/she download this app is his/her smartphone.

This app is a comprehensive & free automated personal finance manager for India. Right after installation, users can see a consolidated view of their Indian bank and credit card accounts. Auto categorizes all of their expenses and spends, enabling them to become a better money manager.

This app is an SMS-based financial app – no bank accounts or passwords required (No email access).

In other words, this app is your personal finance dashboard. Users can get a comprehensive picture of their Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Cash Wallet and Categorized Expenses and its expense management feature keeps track users’ monthly spends like EMI, rent, electricity, telecom and other utilities.

Now, I’m discussing some good points of WealthPack app:

Auto Expense Manager & Daily Spend Tracker

• Daily & monthly expense tracking using SMS only (does not access emails)
• Auto-categorizes expenses into categories like travel, shopping, dining, etc. Option to add transactions and change auto categories

Become Your Own Money Manager 

• Spends segregated between expenses and investments.
• WealthPack also has great expense management features that can help you save money.
• Run an analysis on your historical personal transactions. Understand exactly where you spent money last month or last year!

Great Bill Manager Helps Keep Track Of Telecom And Credit Card Bills 

• Manage your bills efficiently and avoid late payment fees
• Track due dates, outstanding and bill history for telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, MTNL
• Credit cards covered – Citibank, ICICI, Axis, American Express, HDFC, Standard Chartered, State Bank of India,     HSBC
• Tracks all ATM withdrawals and helps track actual cash expenses. Easy and fast manual input facility for cash    expenses

Bank Safe Network Security 

• Wealth Pack will never ask or know your account number, passwords, and OTPs
• Uses 256 bit SSL that is bank level network security. Option to set custom pin on the app
• Only uses SMS transaction data and NEVER accesses your emails

Range of charts which allow people to do an exhaustive analysis of their finances on WealthPack app

There are charts here, which allow people to do an exhaustive analysis of their finances on WealthPack app.

There are five categories under Expenses Tab, these are Monthly Essentials, Travel & Transport, Food & Beverage, Apparel & Accessories and Personal & Entertainment. I personally like all these categories under this Expenses Tab. Now, I’m able to figure out my Monthly Essentials. I’m a Tech Journalist, so I have to travel a lot to cover all tech news and it is too hard for me to track my travel and food expenses. But, now, I have shorted-out this problem by using Travel & Transport and Food & Beverage categories. Both of these categories are more helpful to figure out my expenses.

We all love new dresses, shoes other latest fashion accessories, watching cinema in multiplex and eating outside our home. We spend a lot of money on it and when we sit to calculate, how much money we spend on it, but, you can short out this problem, when you use its these two categories Apparel & Accessories and Personal & Entertainment. These both categories have been shorted out my all of these kinds of expenses.

There is an Account Tab, where users can add their Bank account and Credit cards. Users can also able to see  their recent transactions.

There are many Tabs in this app like, Investment, Expense, Analytics, Bills, Insights, Reprocess SMS, Calendar, and others.

If you want to see more detail on your expense, you can see it under Analytics Tab. Inside here you will find four tabs like Categories, Expense & Investment, Expense Medium and Categorized Expenses.

Inside Categories Tab you will find almost all kind of expenses like Monthly Essentials, Travel & Transport, Food & Beverage, Apparel & Accessories, Personal & Entertainment, Household, Healthcare, Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds, Equities & Bonds, Insurance, and others.

Hope, now you understand that why I am liking this WealthPack app. It is free and easy to use. It is a must kind of app. It will save your both time and money. Currently, covers 50+ Indian bank accounts and credit cards. News Service

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