Money View launches New Year Resolution Campaign #NazariyaBadlo

Bangalore, India, December 23, 2015: Money View is entering this new year with a remarkable achievement of 3 million users for their android application. The overwhelming response to the app is a testimony of how Money View has been helping Indians to wake up to financial fitness. The app which is specially designed for India, helps users ‘stay on top of their money, anywhere, anytime’.

In its continuous effort to make India financially fit, Money View has launched its New Year Resolution Campaign #NazariyaBadlo and is urging Indians to change their outlook towards money and manage it in a simple, smart and secure way. The campaign is aimed at driving a behavioural shift amongst a large segment of people who find it difficult to manage their funds or are still stuck with some old-school ways of money management that don’t really seem to help them. The campaign, that kickstarts on 24th December 2015 and continues till the 10th of January 2016, wants people to resolve to be financially fit this new year and pledge to manage their money better. And Money View will help them change for good – where they spend wisely and save smart.

Speaking on the achievement, Puneet Agarwal, Co-Founder of Money View said, “This is a significant milestone for us. But more importantly, we are happy that Indians are waking up to the possibilities of structured and contiguous money management as traditionally Indians rank very low in financial planning and management. In line with our core objective of helping people become financially fit, this campaign aims to make people think about managing their money better in 2016.”

As a part of the #NazariyaBadlo initiative, every individual can make their dream of ‘financial fitness’ come true this new year by downloading Money View and make their loved ones pledge for it too, by referring them. Money View is not only urging masses to adopt financial fitness but also appealing to its existing users to spread the message among their family and friends by referring the Money View App.


The best part of the campaign is that Money View will not just help users get financially fit, but also fulfil a lucky user’s new year dream by supporting their financial plans with a large sum of Rs. 1 lac. The company will choose 10 finalists from amongst the large pool of its users, both existing and the new ones who sign up and refer within the campaign period, and the finalists will then be made to contest the final leg to win the prize.

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