Money View launches new feature in time for Friendship Day

Bangalore, India, 31 July, 2015: Money View, a fun and easy to use personal finance management app, has added an interesting feature to celebrate “The Friendship Day”. The feature ‘Split Group’, will ensure money issues will never come between friends by enabling users to easily keep track of all expenses that they are sharing with friends. The new feature lets users tag their friends on a particular spend, so the user knows exactly how much their friends owe them.

With friends and colleagues eating and partying out together often, this feature will make splitting bills and keeping track of finances a breeze. The app incorporates the user’s phonebook contacts; so when one tags one’s friends, it is against their numbers. Once tagged, the app will send an SMS to the friends about how much they owe, and for what.

Money View acts as a personal money manager and empowers users to get Financially Fit. Money View android app (available on Google Play) is a simple, smart and secure way to stay in control of your money with zero effort. The app gives real time information on all your bank and credit card accounts, organizes monthly spend to help stay within budget, and allows users to see and pay all their bills from the app – anytime, anywhere.

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