MobiKwik Android App Now Accepts RuPay Cards

New Delhi, India, August 24, 2015: MobiKwik, India’s leading mobile wallet, has updated it’s Android App, and  announced the next version 6.4, which now accepts RuPay cards, makes the app more social, features a material design revamp – a complete new look and feel, coupled with a refreshed user experience, and multiple bug fixes based on user feedback.

Key Highlights:

  • Add Your RuPay card: Users can add money to MobiKwik wallet using their RuPay card

  • It’s Social Now: The App now allows users to share any exciting offers with their friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc

  • Material Design Improvement: Embraces material design for a new and modern look

  • Cash Pickup Flow Improvements: Users can now see the status of their cash pickup request or cancel a submitted request. Users can also view their exact location on the map. Cash Pickup enables anyone to add money in the wallet without the need to have a bank account

  • Bill Pay: Finally, it includes the ability to view due date of utility bills and also pay them on time with an accuracy of up to 1 paisa

  • Bug Fixes: Adding money to MobiKwik wallet is now much faster. Several bug fixes have been done on the basis of user feedback

The MobiKwik Android App Version 6.4 is available for download at Google PlayStore.
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