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The fifteenth of August is just around the corner and India gears up to celebrate its 69th anniversary of Independence Day. Independence Day in India is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The preparation for the celebrations of the Indian Independence day starts months in advance. You can feel the patriotic air all around. The feeling of hanging a flag in front of your house, wearing a lapel pin on your coat, or putting on tricolored clothes to show your patriotic spirit is beyond expressing in words

But have you ever wondered if you can celebrate Independence Day with just a tap on your screen?  Yes! You definitely can. Here are Independence Day-related apps for you to enjoy on your favorite Lumia.

Patriotic Song

You have heard these songs innumerable times and their lines may be etched   in your memory. Could there be a better day than today to play them? Choose from a mix of old and contemporary melodies and create your own jukebox.

Indian Flag Wallpapers

Here’s a perfect way to show your patriotism on your home screen. Either choose the flag wallpaper you want from the app to save it as your lock screen, or set it as your Start screen background. Each time you use your phone, the photo will be seen through system tiles and you will see the colored hues of your flag.

Clean India

Last year, on this very same day Swachh Bharat Abhyan was announced by our Prime Minister – Narendra Modi. So, don’t forget to check out Clean India. The aim of this app is to devote your time towards creating a Clean India. Every person should pick a location that is unclean and undertake the efforts to clean it. The person cleaning must take the “Why Clean India?’ image, which would be a photograph of the location while it is unclean followed by a photograph when it has been cleaned. The person should also share his/her   experiences through a Images  Once the cleaning has been done, a person can invite 9 friends/organisations to chose any location and clean that place.  You are also requested to upload the photo and share it with your friends and well-wishers.

Traffic Forecast

We all know that during Independence Day long traffic jams are very common. But if you already know which route has less traffic, then it can make your life easier. With Traffic Forecast application on Windows phone you would know geographic information of different routes with estimate time.

Mann Ki Baat

On this day, why not read some “Mann ki Baat”? This app provides you complete information about the program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ started by current Prime Minister of India ‘Mr Narendra Modi’. It is aired on AIR FM radio channel.  Using this app you can read and listen to the transcript of the program in various languages. Currently Hindi transcript is only provided. This app has unique feature like:

  • First app in Windows/Windows Phone for ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and also a Universal app (You can get in both Windows Store and Windows Phone Store)
  • Listen YouTube audio uploaded by Official PMO India. And also see PM activity via various social networks connect.

Bollywood Movies Free

The 15th Aug is a time of blockbusters hitting multiplexes, but there are also movies that can help remind you what Independence Day is really all about. It is a day of glory and pride for every Indian living in India or abroad. If you can’t be a part of the celebrations taking place in your neighborhood, you can atleast watch some patriotic movies in honor of the Independence Day. 

Hungry Now Fast Food Locator

15th Aug is also a day where roads are blocked and you have to think twice before going out to eat food. Hungry Now is the best and funniest geo-app that helps you finding the nearest fast-foods around: Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, etc. Small or big treats, Hungry Now is the application everyone was expecting!  It displays the quickest way & open hours (information provided for purposes only). And it is Worldwide.

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