Interview of Ms. Swati Chauhan, second most popular user of LIKE app in India

Interview of Ms. Swati Chauhan, second most popular user of LIKE app in India 1Q1.  A brief introduction about yourself.

I hail from Shimla and currently I am pursuing Economics (Hons.) second year from Punjab University. I love modeling and making live videos. I am person who loves to go with the flow and take life as it comes. Although I am undecided about my career path, I would love to be an entertainer as I like making people happy.

Q2. Are you a tech geek and a music lover? What made you use the LIKE app?

I am a music lover, definitely. I came to know about LIKE app through Instagram. LIKE was looking for bloggers at that time. I contacted the spokesperson and he mailed me further details. Thus began my association with the app.

Q3. How do you find the app? Your feedback? Any novel feature of the app which attracted you?

I just love the app. Its design is amazing and its concept a unique one. LIKE app is truly unparalleled. No wonder it is doing so well in many countries including India.

Q4. How did you manage to attract large followers?

I am grateful to my followers. The reason behind my large followers is that I am able to make a connect with people. I often incorporate their feedback into my videos. Most of my videos are based on famous dialogues in the movies.

Q5. How do you think adding EDM and 4D Magic features will help the app?

Yes, of course. The new features will further enrich our video making experience.  LIKE app is doing so much for music lovers. About 4D magic, Blackhole feature is just amazing. These effects enable us to change background, add special effects into our videos, which can make our videos more interesting and diverse.

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