Hindware DreamBath app Review

We are living in a digital era, where we want to do so many things online. There was a time, when people want to experience things. They roamed inside the city for a particular item. But, now, time has changed, people want to experience things online and by it, they are saving their precious time.

Now a days even heart surgery is happening online, where a doctor of other end is stating that how will you operate and the doctor of another end operates it approx the same manner. There are many cases now a days, we hear. By it, now no need to take patient to any particular hospital. Patient operation has been done in rural areas by using this technique and the medium is only online.

Now a days, one of another term is catching everyone’s attention, It is Virtualization and I will discuss on it in this topic. I have read somewhere that Hindware has launched its app ‘Hindware DreamBath’ app, which comes with 24+ bathroom themes. I liked this topic and thought, I should explore this app. I go to Google Play Store and typed Hindware DreamBath app and downloaded it. After fill every credentials, I Logged-In into this app.

Hindware DreamBath app

The User Interface (UI) of this app is too good. I found Home, Profile, Products and Dealer Locater on the home screen of display.  On the left corner of the top, I found one tab, where User, Favourite, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use  are also placed on that tag.

Hindware DreamBath app

Now, I want to share my experience with this app. As, I told that this app comes with more than 24+ themes. I explored every theme for my own experience. Once I opened a theme called “Golden Drama”, I found here some icons, like, + for edit or replace, pencil icon for replace selected product, cross icon for remove selected product, I for scene info and one icon is for selected scene product pricing. These icons are available on every theme. In any theme, once you edited items as per your need, you can get quote for that particular theme for your bathroom.

Hindware DreamBath app

I was very impressed Get Quote page, here I got products name with Catalogue No. And Price. After it, there is a button Locate Dealer, once I clicked on it, it landed a page, where I can search dealers nearby my location or city. On this page, I have seen Name and Address of dealers. I can contact them by three medium, Call, SMS and E-mail.

Hindware DreamBath app

After it, I thought, oh God, this Hindware DreamBath app should come before 4 years, when i searched many shops for this thing for my bathroom.

Here I’m discussing some key features of Hindware DreamBath app:

  1. Virtual Reality – Exotic themes created to suit your need
  2. Augmented Reality – Visualize a product in your space even before you buy it
  3. Product Gallery – Showcases the portfolio of the brand
  4. GPS enabled Dealer Locator
  5. Raise your query to the nearest dealer or any dealer of your choice, and get a response in stipulated timeline


The Hindware DreamBath app is newly launched app, it has launched some days back. It is one of the good app in Virtualization. It has covered approx every segment in its app. Best part of this app is, its GPS-enabled Dealer Locator. You have no need to think about nearest dealers of Hindware. You have to just choose your desire theme for your bathroom and search dealers. It is a time-saving app. It is one of the good app in its field, by it, Hindware is giving very tough competition to its competitors. We know that innovations are the key part of any field.

I’m sharing links of Hindware DreamBath app here, It is available at Play store (Android Users) and Apple store (iOS Users),  you will also like it.

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