Hike Messenger Rolls Out 3 New Features – Stories, Camera and Live Filters for India

Hike Messenger today announced it is rolling out a brand new feature- Stories. Stories is a new way for people on Hike to share their lives and real moments with their friends through photos (that you can post immediately starting today) and videos (that also you will be able to post in the next few weeks). Stories are ephemeral and vanish 48 hours after being posted, quite like real life where everyday moments are experienced, and are not etched in history forever. A user who posts a story can see how many people and who all viewed that particular story.

Hike also announced that it launched its own Camera built into the app making it extremely quick and easy for people to snap photos right inside of Hike. In addition to that, it announced “Live filters”, a brand new feature that uses Hike’s new camera to automatically detect and recognize a user’s face using Machine Learning and allows people to very easily decorate their faces in photos. Hike has 12 Live filters available at launch, ranging from a cool Black and White Sunglasses, to a Turban and a Moustache and many more.

Hike also showed off a filter that changes your face to the actor Ranveer Singh and even Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. It plans to update these filters on a weekly basis to ensure users have new content to be excited about.

Stories on Hike are made for India- a Sight and Sound country where more and more users are shifting to a visual form of communication on chat, especially after the arrival of 4G.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder and CEO, Hike Messenger, said, “Hike has become the place for the youth of India where they can be themselves. With over 100 Million users, Hike is a testament to that. One of our goal for 2016 has been to bring photos at the centre of Hike and with Stories and Live Filters, We’re doing just that. We believe our users are going to love Stories, Camera and Live Filters. we’re announcing today, especially with increasing access to cheaper and faster data.”

Kavin   further   added,    “What   makes   Stories   a   lot   of   fun   is   the   new   Camera   and   the   Live   Filters built   on   top   of   it.   I   really   believe   that   Camera   is   the   new   keyboard.   It   is   the   most   natural   way   for humans   to   communicate   and   express   themselves.   What’s   really interesting  about   this   new update   is   that   we’re   now   chartering   into   the   realm   of

Augmented   Reality   where   we’re   going   from “Smartphones   with   Cameras”   that   just   take   photos,   to   “Smartphones   with Eyes”   that   can   see. That’s   an   incredible   thought.   Live   Filters   is   just   the   beginning   and we’re   sure   Hikers   are   going   to have   a   ton   of   fun   using   them.”

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