Hike Messenger Launches “Car Match” Microapp to Manage Commutes in #OddEven Formula Days and Beyond

New Delhi, India, January 11, 2016: hike messenger has announced the launch of “Car Match”, a microapp within hike, that will facilitate hike users to match, connect, chat and finally, share rides with friends, friends of friends and others, to and fro work or other places.

The smart microapp not just matches odd-numbered cars with even-numbered cars in the vicinity, but also ensures that car categories are as similar to each other as possible, and that commuter-partners have the flexibility to choose each other after chatting with them, thus helping them make judicious decisions about having safe yet fun rides together.

To get started on Hike “Car Match” micro-app:

  • Open hike and open the “Car Match” app. Car Match is enabled for all Delhi numbers. Alternatively, you can get an invite from a friend who has it.
  • Fill in basic details regarding yourself, your car and your journey.
  • hike will generate possible matches as close to your profile and preferences as possible.
  • Choose your match(es), chat and finalize a commuter-partner to share your ride with

hike Messenger is built for the unique needs of India and Delhi is a key consumer market. hike has 70 million users and transacts a billion messages a day.

In an attempt to curb air pollution in Delhi, a temporary alternate-day travel scheme for cars using the odd and even-numbered license plates system was announced by the Delhi government to be in effect from January 1st 2016 for a 15-day period.

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