Bobble AI announces dedicated keyboard in Malayalam

India is a land of diverse culture and varied languages which can moreover be a limitation in terms of communication. In terms of using a smartphone the languages can be converted from Hindi and English to the native language but the meaning and essence of the whole conversation are lost in the conversion, hence, creating misinterpretation. According to the Google KPMG report, Indian language internet users are expected to grow at a CAGR of 18% to reach 536 million by 2021. On the basis of Bobble AI’s data intelligence and analysis, Malayalam is one of the most spoken regional languages in India with around 38 million Malayalam speakers. Hence, Bobble AI has launched a Smartphone Keyboard application in Malayalam that provides Malayali users with a unique and exclusive experience.

Bobble AI dedicated keyboard in Malayalam

Bobble AI’s Malayalam Keyboard allows users to converse not just in classic Malayalam script, but also Manglish (the colloquial version of Malayalam words using English alphabets). This new-age keyboard recognizes the unique and authentic Malayalam accent and converts it into very versed text messages. Along with that, Bobble AI’s state of the art, Malayalam Keyboard delivers an exceptional speech to text support and personalized auto-correct that accurately understands the user’s intent every time, irrespective of the chosen language.

Keeping personalization at bay AI-powered keyboard can create personalized cartoon avatar through the ‘Cartoon Head’ feature with a selfie users can access of1000’s of stickers and GIFs in the Malayalam language. The users can also send uber-cool BigMojis from the emoji panel by long pressing and make conversations much more expressive. Colorful and brilliant live themes are included to the otherwise humdrum keyboard. From any picture, the consumer can easily create personalized keyboard background themes with the latest Malayam and Manglish text fonts.

On announcing the new keyboard, Ankit Prasad, Founder and CEO Bobble AI said, “With Prime Minister’s Modiji’s direction on making India self-reliant and being vocal for local then why shall we settle with foreign language keyboards as well. There has been a significant rise in content consumption pattern in India in terms of the regional language. Taking a cue from the reports and insights, we analyzed that our country has over 4 crore Malayalam native speakers but no dedicated Indian language keyboard. Hence, it was significant for us to be a part of the community and bring them together with the Malayalam keyboard. The interface has been curated keeping the real essence of the culture and needs of the audience. Malayalam Keyboard adjusts to the typing needs and style of the users and hence autocorrect is always accurate, despite the text being in English, Malayalam, or Manglish.”

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