BlackBerry World announces BIG SALE OFFER

BlackBerry-logoWith the upcoming festive season, BlackBerry World announces an exciting BIG SALE OFFER available from September 24th till October 10th. Enclosed below is a selection of useful, entertaining and fun filled apps and games that you can enjoy at a discounted price this festive season. 

To get a complete list of apps on SALE, please visit: 

Instant – Track device usage

Instant is a lifestyle app, automatically tracks the daily usage of your BlackBerry smartphone. It can works seamlessly in the background (headless) and track how much time you spend on your BlackBerry every day.

Price: Rs. 50/-

 Phone Tap – Call Blocker

Phone Tap is the simplest and the most secure call recording app available on BlackBerry® 10. Now with this app, you can easily record the calls automatically or on demand

Price: Rs. 100/- 

Taken – GPS Photo and Location

With the Taken native BlackBerry 10 application it will show you exactly the location on the map. You can use Taken application to create Albums to organize all your photos.  Your photos are never modified or deleted.

Price: Rs. 50/-

 Group Sender

The app help you to send mail and SMS to a group of contacts in a convenient way. The app supplies create, edit and delete commands to manage your groups.

Price: Rs. 50/-

Power Tools

Power Tools is the ultimate Active Frame and Headless application for BlackBerry 10.   Power Tools includes many small applications into one powerful application.

Price: Rs. 100/-


This is an exciting game, take your stand against the alien horde in a pure arcade space shooter. Relive the classics revamped game!

Price: Rs. 50/-

 Jump Birdy Jump

Jump Birdy Jump is a fun little game hand-crafted by a guy in his garage after 19 weeks of eating nothing but ramen. Collect as many stars as you can while jumping between wires and avoiding pitfalls.

Price: Rs. 50/-

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