5 sports content Apps In 2020 For Smartphones

These days no one can say that technology and sports don’t mix has surely spent the past few years or so living under a rock. Sports fans have gone digital. Now you can spot constantly checking scores on their mobile as you walk down the street and cab drivers streaming cricket series. If we are talking about India cricket is the most popular and the most searched sport online. That’s true across all audience categories, demographics, and geographies—and it’s only increasing the demand of these sports app. We have listed down the Five must-have apps for the sports lover.


Rooter is India’s biggest Sports Community Platform that is Personalizing Sports Content and giving a voice to millions of fans across sports and gaming. Rooter engages fans with User Generated Live Audio and Video content over different sports and offers a personalized sports feed & Scorecards in 8 Indian languages. Rooter offer content around not just international and domestic games and tournaments, but also school and college-level games. Also, be running challenges for users to send their short-form videos.

Cricbuzz.com Cricbuzz provides cricket news and information destination.  this website live streams various international matches along with commentary, and also develops cricbuzz own content and with features, write-ups and up-to-date news from around the cricketing world.

Yahoo Sports: Yahoo sports is the way to access the latest scores, stats, and info on your favorite matches. this app also keeps you in the game with the live update so, you never miss a play

SportsKeeda: This app is quite customizable, allows a user to select and follow top cricket playing nations and their cricketing events and tournaments like Icc world cup, IPL, T20.

TheScore: TheScore brings you news, scores, stats, sports betting coverage and video from NFL. all the content you care about from your favorite teams, players and leagues.

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